Dakota Riley



Inna, Plymouth Massachusetts

At the beginning of this year, I decided to look for a house- my first home.  Needless to say, I had a very vague idea about what this process involves and what I will need to do. Dialing a number on the computer screen, all I could do was to hope that I would get somebody who would walk me through this process patiently... I got more than I was wishing for, much more. I met Dakota Riley. It is hard to describe how much time, effort, care, and patience she put into the search for my home and into the process of getting it. Working with my schedule, trying to make it convenient for me, traveling almost all over the East Coast, guiding me through houses and neighborhoods, pointing to details that I did not see myself, she was not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very thoughtful and kind. She never pushed me to make a decision but rather discussed all of the options. There were times when I was calling her late at night or early in the morning; I had so many questions and was feeling overwhelmed. She was treating me like I was the only client and she had unlimited time to listen to me, answer my questions (even if they had very little to do with her area of expertise), console me, and find solutions to the problems that were coming our way. OUR way, not only mine; she was so involved and supportive, she was taking this process personally. When I bought the house, Dakota did not disappear...  Any problems, and I was on the phone with her knowing that she will contact anyone and will do anything to help me. Now, months later, my house is homey, cozy, and nice; it is my home. Dakota made it happen! We keep in touch; in our days, it's quite difficult to meet someone who loves what they do and really cares about people they work with. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me and wish her the most brilliant career and success with everything she does!